I created momentum to serve as a platform for the discussion and exploration of topics. How far can curiosity-driven research, and forming connections across disciplines allow us to make discoveries which can be applied in the context of our own lives and society?

Articles are placed under three main categories: global issues, science and music. The foci of the writing within the global issues category are equity and education. The science articles predominantly explore healthcare and biological sciences, whilst the music side considers classical music in an historical light and analyses the underlying psychological aspects.

As the articles are written from one point of view (mine!), dialogue to help foster different perspectives is a key factor in exploring the topics more fully and gaining greater insight. The membership program has been created for this purpose. To this end, as a collaborative venture, members are encouraged to offer their own thoughts and ideas.

Every other week, there will be a new article, alternating between the three areas. You may be interested in one or more of them, so we have given the option of filtering the topics you receive emails about.

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You can also support my work, completely for free, by becoming a member. You can select the topics you are interested in, and will receive regular emails with new articles, and extra content. Therefore, I know that you are enjoying my work, and you can receive exclusive content! A win-win situation! 

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Curiosity driven learning, and the forming of connections, enable us to make discoveries in the context of our own lives. I discuss global issues, science and music.